Take a look at my portfolio including my workflow & experience.


I've always been passionate to create graphics ever since childhood. It has always given me control knowing that I can make something with my own two hands but most importantly with my mind. From doodles and scribbles, I made anything on anywhere you can think of. My works of art started through drawings and arts and crafts which greatly impressed friends, and teachers in my school years. Many referring me as the "Leonardo da Vinci" or "Leonardo Dicaprio" just by having that first name and because of Titanic.

Eventually, I pursued to make more than physical art and went on to design through computer beginning college. I've always questioned whether making designs through computer was the same as physically and was an obstacle that I had to surpass. Thus, when I did, it has given me more control to design through different mediums with the desire to get better. Personally, it has been my way out from turning through worst paths and hardships that have tackled me in life. Whether I’m stressed, happy, bored or tired, making art is my remedy to making good use of time.

My workflow is through techniques and patience when it comes to professionalism in my work. Whether designing a brand or fixing artwork, I take the shot to fulfill people's visions andexpectations giving them the message that I'm a problem solver with the set of skills to get things done.