I have always been passionate for creating art ever since childhood. It has always given me that sense of control knowing to make something with my own two hands. From doodles and scribbles, I made anything on anywhere you can think of with just a pencil and some crayons. My works of art greatly impressed friends, and teachers in my school years. Many referring me as "Leonardo da Vinci" or "Leonardo Dicaprio" just by having the first name and because of Titanic.

Eventually, I was dedicated to make more than drawings and went on making designs beginning college. Creating art traditionally as well as digitally has helped me still feel the sense of having more control of making art through different mediums with the desire to get better. Personally, it has helped me from hardships that have tackled me in life and made me take advantage of good use of time. Whether I’m stressed, happy, bored or tired, making art is my remedy.

My workflow is through techniques and professionalism in my work when it comes to branding, making web page or fixing an image. Through speed and accuracy, I take the shot to fulfill people's expectations when making their design and to help find methods to make them recognizable to the world.



Take a look at my portfolio including my workflow & experience.